Marina Rules

Marina Rules

Rules and Regulations

    Good things to Live By if you want to be a good Neighbor!

Vessel Owners·        

  • It is the vessel owner’s responsibility to comply with all rules and regulations herein and as outlined in your slip license agreement.
  • All vessels must comply with USCG regulations regarding the overboard discharge valve position for the Marine Sanitation Device (MSD). NO OVERBOARD DISCHARGE is allowed in the marina.
  • All vessels must be maintained in good mechanical operating condition and able to depart and arrive under their own power.  
  • Please do not allow dock lines or shore power cords to hang in water.
  • Please place water filters and softeners onboard the vessel or in the dock box, not on the dock.
  • Please do not wrap shore power cords around the pedestal. Ensure that your dock lines are in good condition and have a complete set of extra lines available for storms.
  • Make sure that we have a copy of your boat keys in the office. Please be aware that we do not provide these keys to vendors, they are for emergency purposes only.
  • All contractors must sign in at the office before beginning work. Contractors must meet Marina insurance requirements (copy of Certificate of Liability). All contractors must park in the West Parking lot and use their own carts not the Marina’s.
  • Do not place oil, batteries, hazardous material of any kind or appliances in the dumpster. You are responsible for hauling these items off site to an approved disposal location.
  • You may not sublease or offer your slip to anyone at any time.
  • Generator operation is not permitted while tied to the dock.  The only exception is for extended power outages or when a technician is servicing the unit.
  • As a participant in Florida’s Clean Marina program, use of the following cleaners is strictly prohibited: ammonia, petroleum distillates, sodium hypochlorite or chlorinated solvents.
  • Please keep vessels, walkways, finger piers clean and free of personal items.  Hanging of laundry on vessel exteriors is not permitted. We offer free washer and dryers!   Your neighbors and the marina staff will appreciate your efforts!
  • Vessels departing the marina for a new adventure must notify the Marina Office in writing at least 30 days prior to estimated departure so we can manage final electric, allocate deposits, and coordinate inbound traffic.  Vessels opting to stay longer must notify the Marina Office 30 days prior to your estimated departure.
  • Gate key fobs are provided to all vessel owners upon arrival.   Replacement keys will be billed to your account.  


  • Vessel owners are responsible for their guests in the Marina facility at all-times and liable for their actions.   
  • Guests staying for more than one week must register with the marina office.


  • All vehicles must display a Marina parking tag.  The gravel and grass lots at the western end of the property is available for overflow parking.       
  • Do not park your vehicle in the Fire Lanes along the walkways in front of B Dock or along the condo.
  • If you are going to be gone from The Marina for more than 72 hours, but your vehicle remains on property, please park in one of the overflow lots, and if you are leaving for an extended time, please provide a spare key for the marina office. 
  • The circular area in front of the condominium belongs to the condo association and is for their use only. 

Pool, Spa·        

  • The Pool and Spa are for the use of our vessel owners and their guests.
  • Please observe and follow all posted pool and spa rules.
  • Return pool deck furniture to original positions if you have borrowed chairs, etc. for a large gathering.
  • Close table umbrellas after use to avoid breakage during high winds.
  • If planning to entertain many guests on the pool deck, please notify the marina office in advance.
  • The ice machine is only for pool side use (drinks & small coolers). Large quantities of ice should be purchased off-site.
  • The trash cans at the pool are for pool side/grill trash only. Please discard other boat trash in the dumpster.
Restrooms and Showers·        
  • Showers and restrooms are open 24/7.
  • Please clean up after yourself so we can maintain a high standard of cleanliness for our guests.
  • Remember, the tile floors in the restroom/shower areas and hallway can be quite slippery when wet, so dry off before entering and exiting.
  • Laundry facilities are provided as a courtesy to our guests at no charge and are available 24/7.
  • Over filling the washing machines can damage the equipment and cause inconvenience to other boaters.
  • Machines are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please take turns and be a good neighbor.
  • Monitor your laundry so that others can use the machines in a timely manner.
  • If using the pool while doing laundry, please towel off prior to entering the laundry room.
  • All dogs must be registered on your dockage agreement.  
  • All pets must be leashed at all-times when not on your boat.  The only exception is in the green space near the lower parking lot by the gazebo, where dogs may be exercised off-leash if an owner is present and in control of the pet. Failure to be a good neighbor will result in the suspension of this privilege. 
  • Please pick up after your pet. Pet stations are provided throughout the property. Do not deposit any other garbage in the pet waste receptacles.
  • Dogs are not permitted in the clubhouse or restrooms, on the pool deck, in the pool or hot tub.
  • Service animals when in uniform are, of course, welcome – just not as swimming companions. Please notify the marina office if you have a bonified Service Animal so we may inform our staff.
Courtesy Dock Carts
  • The Marina provides dock carts to move items from your vehicle to your boat.  Please return carts to the cart drop off areas immediately upon completion of use, even if it is late at night. You never know when another boater will arrive after you. Be sure to clean up the dock cart after using, especially if hauling dirty items.
  • Do not use carts to transport batteries, oil, or any other hazardous materials.  This type of use damages the carts and leaves a residue.  Carts are for transporting groceries, laundry, boat items and personal property. 
  • Return carts to the designated staging locations in two general areas: Across from B Dock gate, to the left of motorcycle parking, and at the C & D Dock entrance paths.
  • Please do not leave carts on the docks, finger piers, sidewalks, behind the clubhouse, or inside the pool deck near the laundry.  Dock carts seem to want to gather together for small conventions.  If you see a large group of them forming, please feel free to separate them.
  • All trash must be carried off the docks and placed in the dumpsters located either in the lower parking area or near the marina office.
  • Recycle bins are available next to the dumpsters.  Please break down any boxes prior to placing in the bins.
  • Do not leave items outside of the bins on the pavement inside the enclosures.
Docks and Piers
  • Riding bicycles, scooters or motorcycles on the docks is strictly prohibited.
  • Please respect your neighbor and the marina by keeping personal items onboard your vessels.     
  • Boarding stairs are permitted on finger piers, however oversize, home-made stairways are subject to marina approval, and if deemed unsightly or a pediment to finger pier access, vessel owner may be asked to seek an alternative solution that is visually and physically compatible to a marina environment.  
  • No open flame in the marina. This includes grills on boats (grills are provided in the pool area and at D Dock).
  • Bicycle racks are provided in two locations, one across from B Dock and another at D Dock. Please stop in the office for an ID tag for your bike before you leave it on one of the racks. Lock your bike securely; the Marina is not responsible for loss or damage.
  • If you do take your bike onto the docks, please walk the bike to the boat and store them on board your vessel               
  • As a courtesy, the Marina offers four (4) bikes for use by boaters and guests. They are located behind the clubhouse. Please sign the bikes out from the office when you wish to borrow them.
Dinghies, Kayaks, paddle boards
  • Dinghies, Kayaks and paddle boards are enjoyable items to have on board a vessel and when in use are permitted to remain in the water for your enjoyment and convenience.  
  • We ask that when not in use all-of-these personal water craft should be stored either on deck, on davits, or neatly tied directly to your stern, and not tied to the dock, bow or side of the vessel for long term storage.  
  • Dinghies that are visually in disrepair, full of water, deflated and are obviously not in use can be an eyesore for neighbors and fellow boaters.   If your dingy fits into this category we will ask you to either store it properly as outlined above or we will require you to remove it altogether or to rent a storage rack, which are available for a nominal monthly charge. 
  • Kayaks and Paddle Boards should not be stored on the docks and are subject to the same storage guidelines as dinghies.   Storage racks are available for these items as well.
Club House
  • We are fortunate to be able to provide wonderful club house facilities for our boaters to enjoy and we ask that all who use the facility clean up after themselves and remember that this is a unique privilege to have such a wonderful space for all to enjoy.  
  • When not reserved for a private party, the Club House is open and available to all boaters on a first-come, first-serve basis.  It is important to respect fellow boaters that may be utilizing the space, and if people are watching a ball game, or playing cards, or enjoying some other activity, please respect their activity and do not interrupt them by changing TV channels, playing music, adjusting the lights, etc., and practice good manners. 
  • Boaters may use the refrigerator, but please do not store food in the clubhouse refrigerator/freezer long term unless you check with the office staff, and please label it with your name, slip number and date.  The marina staff and local caterers use the Club House kitchen to prepare for events and to store supplies.
Mail and Deliveries
  • Please time all package deliveries to arrive when you are on property.   The Marina does not have a designated mail room and cannot receive and store packages for long periods of time.
  • All mail should be sent to your residence or a post office box.  The Marina Office does not accept regular mail for obvious reasons.
  • If you are out of town and we receive packages for you at the Marina office, we will ask that the packages be returned to sender if not picked up. 

Thank you in advance for adhering to these rules, which are designed to enhance the overall boating experience for ALL of our boaters and guests, and to help the marina staff to keep the property in top condition. 

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